Volunteers Of Lokbiradari Prakalp

Trodding the way through dense forests and difficult terrains many selfless volunteers landed in Hemalkasa. Their life and the growth of LBP is intervined and either story is incomplete without the other.

Dr. Prakash Amte

A young surgeon studying in his second year of post-graduation left his college and entered the forest, never to return and make the place a legend, and the work an epic lauded internationally. The work was started modestly with the only aim to somehow survive for the day, however he has walked a long road and reached where he never sought to reach; tired but cheerful. And yet a lot is still to be accomplished,many dreams to be fulfilled.

Dr. Mandakini Amte

An anaesthetic lecturer, married Dr. Prakash and joined him selflessly and devotedly. Although a doctor she never refrained from any type of work, be it physical labour for any purpose, clerical work and even supervisory work in all and any of the various activities in the project. She is the backbone of LBP and continues to encourage and inspire all the volunteers.

Mr. Vilas Manohar

A well-established refrigeration business in Pune, looking for a suitable bride, future set in the luxurious city; Mr vilas also entered the dense forests never to return. He was inspired by Baba Amte and once came to visit the project and was mesmerised by it, he embraced life of hardships with a smile. Later he married Baba's daughter and both of them are here since then. Mr. Manohar looked after the LBP administration and has written beautiful vivid books on the unusual man-animal relationship he experienced at Hemalkasa.

Mrs. Renuka Amte-Manohar

Being Baba Amte and Tai’s daughter, Mrs.Renuka is an epitome of hard and continuos work. The volunteers of LBP have never seen her relax, always busy with the school activities and children, she loves them and is compassionte about their problems. When the studentsfirst come to school they have never seen a toilet, she trains them personally, a task which requires extreme dedication and compassion.

Mr. Gopal Phadnis

Mr.Phadnis was a professor at a reputed college in Ballarpur, fascinated by the principles of Baba and having the courage to work in rough forests he decided to join LBP. When he first came to Hemalkasa he had to rigorously walk 65 kms as it was heavily training and all the modes of transport were redundant. After this enervating journey he was attaked by the deadly cerebral malaria and wasextremely unwell for a fortnight,but these trivial calamities could not shake his firm determination. he stayed at Hemalkasa and started the school,which became the first formal school in the area.

Mr. Jagannath Machakale

A young college goer visited a camp at Somnath and was so moved that he outrightly decided to join Baba. He was sent to Lok Biradari, Nagepalli a base camp of Hemalkasa project, Nagepalli is 65 kms from Hemalkasa. Mr. Jagan would deliver messages and all other commodities that Baba and Tai would send from Anandwan to Hemalkasa. He has made myriad journeys to Hemalkasa and back to Nagepalli on a bicycle.

Mr. Manohar and Sandhya Yempalwar

Mr. Manohar looks after the accounts of LBP project and Mrs.Sandhya works in the Hospital as a midwife.

Mr. Baban Panchal

A young college going promising boy joined the cause, never to return . He efficiently works in the Hospital; has a very good rapot with all the patients and helps to connect with them.

Mr. Govind Panchal

He looked after the school and was the headmaster of the primary section for many years.

Dr. Digant Amte

Dr. Digant Amte, the elder son of Dr. Prakash Amte and Dr. Mandakini Amte completed his primary and secondary education from Lok Biradari's school. Further he pursued MBBS degree and decided to serve the tribals just like his father and mother. Currently he along with his wife have taken over the responsibility of Lok Biradari Hospital.

Dr. Anagha Amte

Dr. Anagha Amte along with her husband, Dr. Digant Amte have taken up the responsibility to take ahead the work started by Dr. Prakash and his associates. She has made a major contribution in modernizing the hospital facilities, and inculcating a sense of disciple and cleanliness among the people visiting the hospital. She is the go-to person for the tribal women during their pregnancies.

Mr. Aniket Amte

Younger son of Dr. Prakash and Dr. Mandakini completed his diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Pune. However, instead of taking up a conventional route of city life, he turned back to his home. Today Mr. Aniket is the director of Lok Biradari Prakalp. He is efficiently handling the administration of the organisation which includes the Lok Biradari Ashram School, Bamboo Handicraft Center, and Lok Biradari Dairy.

Mrs. Samiksha Godse-Amte

A girl from Pune spellbound by the simple and principled nature of a boy from a remote village of Hemalkasa, came to Lok Biradari; and decided to make it her home. Mrs. Samiksha Amte (wife of Mr. Aniket Amte) heads the Lok Biradari Ashram School, and is involved in experimenting with the innovative learning methodologies in the school.

Mr. Ketan Phadnis

Mr. Ketan (son of Mr. Gopal Phadnis) belongs to the current generation of volunteers at the Lok Biradari. He efficiently manages the financial records of Lok Biradari, and helps the visitors with their donation related queries.

Sachin Mukkawar

Mr. Mukkawar joined the cause from 2005, and has been a central point of contact for all the visitors coming to the Biradari. This welcoming nature is remembered by all the visiting guests long after they are gone to their respective cities and villages.

Jagdish Buradkar

Son of Mr. Jagannath Buradkar, an early volunteer of Lok Biradari; Mr. Jagdish underwent a special training in eye-examination. Currently he is an important part of the hospital staff, and is responsible for eye related cases coming to the hospital.

Ganesh Hiwarkar

A young volunteer who came from the village of Shegaon underwent a special optician training, and is currently helping the tribals by making spectacles for them.

Mithil Kulkarni

A boy who came to Hemalkasa to see the project in 2010, stayed back to become a part of this family of volunteers. Mr. Mithil takes care of the computer lab which is proving to be an incubator for new ideas coming out of the ignited minds of the Lok Biradari school children.

Prafulla Pawar

This efficient and disciplined volunteer of Lok Biradari Prakalp takes care of the bamboo handicraft center and the book store. Mr. Prafulla also provides valuable information of the Biradari to the visiting guests.

Localite support

Along with the volunteers from all parts of Maharashtra, youngsters of the local origins like Arvind Madavi, Sharada Oksa, etc. have dedicated their valuable time to the Lok Biradari hospital.