Jinjgaon Village Development Program

Jinjgaon is a village situated 22 kms from Lok Biradari. The access route to the village is not very good and hence it takes around 1hour:30minutes to cover these 22 kms. We plan to make Jinjgaon an ideal village. We have started the construction of the following in the village:
1. 30000 liter water tank
2. Open well and a solar pump for the village
3. Water connection to 90 houses

In the next phase the villagers have requested us to help build toilets in these 90 houses.In May 2016 we have invested Rs. 15 lakhs to increase the depth of the lake in the village.We also plan to build a Gotul (A central assembly place of the village). Click the link to know the details.This year Lok Biradari also plans to work in 5 more villages. Lok Biradari will work towards increasing the depth of lakes in these respective villages.

This will help the villagers take 2 crops after the monsoons, and also have fish-farming as an option.